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rkmishra@sliet.ac.in, ravkmishra@yahoo.co.in

Educational Details

Educational Qualification


Research Area:

Astrophysics & Space Science
Mathematical Modelling to solve real life problems by using Differential Equations.

Current area of Interest : Cosmology,  Mathematical Modelling, Vedic Mathematics.



27 Years ( 23 + Years in SLIET Longowal & 5 Years in SAC-PG College)

Teaching, Research &  Administration

In SLIET:(10 January,2000- Till date)

Professor /Associate Professor/ Assistant Professor/Sr. Lecturer


Also worked as

Registrar National Institute of Technology, Puducherry


Chief-Vigilance officer (CVO-SLIET)

Assistant Coordinator-PTU Examinations SLIET

Head, Department of Training & Placement (2016-2021) SLIET, Longowal.


Book Authored

Book authored

In progress



In Progress

Professional Memebership

Professional Membership

Life member of International academy of physical sciences India.

Life member of Indian Society for Technical Education.

Life member of Tensor Society of India.

Life member of National Academy of Mathematics India.

Life member of Punjab Academy of Sciences.



Awarded Associate Fellow of International Academy of Physical Sciences (2022)

Received 100 Top Training and Development Minds Award by World HRD Congress on Feb 15, 2018 at Hotel Taj Land Ends, Mumbai hosted by Times group(2018)
Awarded the Young Scientist Award for the year 1997 by International Academy of Physical Sciences (1997)
Received the National scholarship under National scheme for securing high Percentage of marks in school examinations.(1985-1986)


Linkage with industry

Participated in Industry Education Summit FICCI, Chandigarh organized at NITTTR, Chandigarh.

Participated in Smart City Chandigarh Conclave with concerned industries and project holders conducted by FICCI Chandigarh at Hotel Taj, Chandigarh.

Participated in An exclusive Infosys summit  InfyTQ  conducted by Infosys, Mysore, during Feb. 15-16, 2019.

Invited by Capgemini -Pune and received award on behalf of Institute during their annual ceremony “TECH CHALLENGE-2019 by them

Visited 100+ industries in span of 5 years.

Other Academic Involvement with reputed institutions :

Worked as External Expert of the Academic Audit team member  for Department of Mathematics, NIT Jalandhar.

Worked as senate nominee subject expert in selection committee for the recruitment of faculty of department of mathematics, NIT Nagaland & NIT-Agartala , NIT-Jalandhar, NIT-Puducherry .

Worked as Expert in Selection committee Central university of Punjab,  & Kuruchhetra University Haryana.

Worked as Expert in Selection committee  National Institute of Technology Delhi.


Worked as expert  in the department of Mathematics  for  CAS  promotion of technical faculty of Government of Punjab promoted engg. colleges in Punjab.
Worked as member of selection committee, COTTON UNIVERSITY, GUWAHATI .

Conducted following conferences/workshops/ Recruiters connect/ Industry institute interactions / Academia and industry summits  (In SLIET):

One day workshop on World Mathematical year-2000
Instructional Workshop on Computational Mathematics (IWCM-06).
Instructional Workshop on Computational Mathematics (IWCM-08).
National Conference on Recent trends in  Mathematical Applications (RTMA-11)
Conducted Twenty sixth International conference of International Academy of Physical Sciences on Advances in Relativistic Astrophysics.  (ARAC-2020)
Industry institute interaction-2016
Recruiters connect-2017, 2018
One day workshop on Industry 4.0 (2017)
Started first time in SLIET and conducted Udaan-2017,2018, 2019 (online)
Conducted Online Human Resource and Academia Conclave on ” Future of workplace Talent & Jobs ( July-2020)
Job fairs-2018,2019
Started first time in SLIET Share the Baton (Cracking the corporate) (June-2020)
Conducted workshop for UG/PG Students “ Skilling our students to be industry 4.0 ready” (April-2020)
Conducted Campus to corporate (C2CAugust -2019)
Conducted one day workshop on VEDIC GANIT  (May -2022)
Conducted workshop on NEP-2020 ( September-2020)



Post Ph.D. Experience : 22 years

Total No of Publications : 85
In refereed journals (SCI/SCOPUS+UGC+NON SCI+WOS) : 60
In international Conferences : 14
In National Conferences : 11
Last 7 Years SCI Publications : 30
Average I.F of SCI/SCOPUS/WOS Publications (TR): 1.60


Last 07 years  SCOPUS/SCI -Publications Detail

1-Mishra RK, Dua Heena. Certain Investigations on Bulk Viscous String Models of the universe with BVDP, Bulgarian Journal of Physics (To appear-2023)

2-Mishra RK, Dua Heena, Investigation on Behavior of Deceleration Parameter with LRS Bianchi Type-I Cosmological Mode, Indian Journal of Physics (To appear-2022)

3-Mishra RK, Dua Heena, Evolution of FRLW Universe in Brans-Dicke Gravity Astrophysics and Space Science  366, 6 (2021)

4-Mishra RK, Dua Heena, Bianchi type-I cosmological model in Sáez-Ballester theory with variable deceleration parameter Astrophysics and Space Science  366, 47 (2021)

5-Mishra RK, Dua Heena, Dynamics of  Bianchi type-1 universe in Brans-Dicke gravity, AIP Conference Proceedings 2352, 030010 (2021).

6-Mishra RK, Dua Heena,Phase Transition of Cosmological Model with Statistical TechniquesAstrophysics and Space Science  365, 131 (2020)

7-Mishra RK, Chand A., Cosmological models in Sáez-Ballester theory with bilinear, varying deceleration parameter. Journal of Astrophysics Space Science, 365. April, 2020, 76.

8-Mishra R.K, Dua H.Bulk viscous string cosmological models in Saez-Ballester theory of gravity.Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science, 364, Nov, 2019, 195.

9-R.K. Mishra, Heena Dua and Avtar Chand,Bianchi-III cosmological models with BVDP in modified f(R; T) theory, Astrophysics and Space Science (2018), 363 (112)

10-R.K. Mishra and Avtar Chand,A comparative study of cosmological models in alternative theory of gravity with LVDP and BVDPAstrophysics and Space Science (2017), 362 (140).

11-R.K. Mishra and Avtar Chand,Cosmological models in alternative theory of gravity with bilinear deceleration parameter, Astrophysics and Space Science (2016), 361 (259).

12-R.K. Mishra & Heena Dua, Cosmological model with BVDP in f(R; T) gravity,Journal of Int. Academy of Physical Sciences (2017),21 (321-334).

13-R.K. Mishra and Avtar Chand, String cosmological models in alternative theory of gravity, Journal of International Academy of Physical Sciences (2017)21 (305-320).

14-R.K. Mishra and Avtar Chand, Viscous string cosmological models in alternative theory of gravity, Physics & Astronomy Int. Jr. (Dec. 2017), 1.

15-R.K. Mishra and Avtar Chand, Dark Energy Models in F(R,T) theory with variable deceleration parameterInt. Jr. of Theoretical Physics (2016), 55.

16-R.K. Mishra and Avtar Chand,Bianchi-III Cosmological model in Saez-Ballester theory of gravity with BVDP, Journal of International Academy of Physical Sciences (2016), 20 (257271).

17-R.K. Mishra and Heena Dua,Cosmological models with bilinear deceleration parameter, Jr. of Int. Academy of Physical Sciences (2016), 20 (241255).

18-R.K. Mishra and Avtar Chand, FRW cosmological models in Brans-Dicke theory of gravity with variable q and dynamical-term, Astrophysics and Space Science (2016), 361 (81).

19-Avtar Chand, R.K. Mishra, Phase transition in cosmology with magnetic field, AIP Conference Proceedings (2015) 1675 (030104), UGC listed journal (48438).

20-R.K. Mishra & Chanchal Chawla. Anisotropic Viscous Fluid Cosmological Models from Deceleration to Acceleration in String Cosmology International Journal of Theoretical physics (IJTP) Vol.52, Number 4, 2013.

21-Chawla, Chanchal, Mishra R.K,Bianchi Type-I Viscous Fluid Cosmological Models with Variable Deceleration ParameterRomanian Journal of Physics Vol. 58, Number 1-2, 2013.

 22-Chanchal Chawla, Mishra R.K, Pradhan Anirudh, Anisotropic Bianchi Type-I Viscous Fluid Cosmological Models in String cosmology with Variable Deceleration Parameter, Romanian Journal of Physics Volume 58, Number 7-8, 2013.

23-Chanchal Chawla, Mishra R.K, Pradhan Anirudh, A new class of accelerating cosmological models with variable G & Lambda in Saez and Ballester theory of gravitation Romanian Journal of Physics.

24-Arunesh Kumar Pandey, R. K. Mishra, Anirudh Pradha type-I transit cosmological models with time dependent gravitational and cosmological constants in the Indian Journal of Physics, Volume 88,Number 7, 88:757-765 .

25-R.K. Mishra & Chanchal Chawla Viscous Fluid Cosmological Models from Deceleration to Acceleration in String Cosmology, International Journal of Theoretical physics (IJTP) Vol.52, Number 4, 2013 .

26-R.K. Mishra & Chanchal Chawla Type-I Viscous Fluid Cosmological Models with Variable Deceleration Parameter, Romanian Journal of Physics Vol. 58, Number 1-2, 2013.

27-R.K. Mishra & Chanchal Chawla, Anirudh Pradhan, String cosmological models from early deceleration to current acceleration phase with varying G and , Eur. Phys. J. Plus 127: 137 .






List of Ph.D. Students (Degree awarded only)

1- Dr. Amritbir Singh. Prof. (Maths)B.B.S.B E.C. Fatehgarhsahib-  (Degree Awarded-2011)

2- Dr. Arunesh Kumar Pandey, AP (Mathematics) SDU-Lucknow(Degree Awarded-2015)

3- Dr. Chanchal Chawla, AP (Mathematics-DED) Punjabi University, Patiala,(CSIR-JRF-SRF-DA-2015)

4- Dr. Avtar Chand.(CSIR-NET-IF-DA-2019)


List of Ph.D. Students (Pursuing for Ph.D. Degree ) : CSIR-LS Qualified


Ms Heena Dua (UGC-NET-LS)
Mr.Rahul Sharma (GATE-Qualified-2022)

Ms. Navya Jain (GATE-Qualified-2023)


No of M.Phill/M.Sc.: 04


Project Details:

Entrepreneurship Development Programme (DBT Skill Vigyan Programme) under Ministry of Science & Technology (DBT) Government of India.

AmountRs. 94.50 Lacs. 

Funding Agency: Ministry of science and technology, Department of Biotechnology


Present Status: 11 EDP Fellows have been trained out of Which 04 have registered as an Entrepreneurs.



Worked as Registrar NIT-Puducherry

Worked as Head, Department of Training & Placement SLIET

Worked as Deputy Registrar, SLIET Longowal

Worked as examination co-ordinator, PTU-SLIET Longowal

Worked as Chairman Institute Discipline Committee, SLIET Longowal

Worked as Chairman Central Time Table committee SLIET, Longowal

Worked as Faculty-In charge Store & Purchase, SLIET Longowal

Worked as Faculty Advisor-Techfest SLIET Longowal.

Worked as First Chief Vigilance Officer of SLIET Longowal.

Worked as Public Information Officer of SLIET Longowal.

Worked as  member of Hostel system inspection committee.

Worked as Co-Coordinator of the committee constituted for National Education Policy -2020.

Also worked in many more capacity as and when assigned by SLIET authorities for life of Institution.

Total Number of Invited Talk delivered :

International : 05

National : 50

Institutions/Universities : SLIET, National Institute of Technology Jalandhar (NITJ), NITP, NITA, NITN, Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, Academic staff College Punjabi University Patiala, Central University of Punjab,  GGSWUNIV, DDU University, GKCIET, SVIET, Lucknow University,