Area of Expertise

Complex Analysis
Matrix Algebra
Operations Research
History of Mathematics2
Wavelet Analysis
Numerical Analysis
Theory of Relativity and Financial Mathematics
Numerical Analysis and Computer Science
Graph Theory
Multilinear maps and their applications
Applied Functional Analysis and Optimization
Functional Encryption and Attribute Based Cryptosystems
Integral equations
Mathematical & Theoretical Physics
Quantum Mechanics
Non-linear Evolution Equation in Real & Complex Domain
Numerical mathematics
Data Mining
Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Mathematical Modelling of sediment-laden turbulent flow
Functional Analysis
Complex Analysis
Differential Equations (Ordinary)
Theoretical Numerical Analysis
Fractional Calculus
Numerical Optimization
Digital rights management
Algebra and Application of Soft Set theory
Dynamics of Nonlinear Systems
Bio-fluid Mechanics
Boundary integral methods for viscous flows
Hydrodynamic and thermocapillary study of viscous drops
Applied Linear Algebra
Estimation under Constraints
Mathematical Statistics
Geometric function theory (Complex Analysis)
Harmonic and Quasiconformal Mappings
Several Complex Variables
Applied Probability
Functional data analysis
Numerical linear algebra
Commutative Algebra
Complex Networks
Network Coding
Linear water waves
Algorithmic Graph Theory
Graph Theory
Combinatorial Optimization